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Car Whiz – Car Ventilation

The Car Whiz is a cost effective and simple to install/remove solar powered fan which will take the edge off the temperature in your car when parked in the sun. Car ventilation is becoming increasingly more and more important when driving and leaving a parked car in the sun.

We all know how hot a car can get in summer with it’s scorching leather seats, boiling belt buckles and blistering steering wheels, so we offer you Car Whiz as the ultimate in efficient solutions! It is entirely solar powered, consumes no power from your car battery and is completely pollution free!

This car ventilation solution has been designed to suck hot air out of the car and make the task of cooling it down much more efficient. Although the car may still be warm when you enter it– the car will not be nearly as searing as it would be without the Car Whiz.

The Car Whiz comes equipped with a crystalline solar panel that provides powerful solar output current of more than 1000 mA and creates enough power to ensure high air ventilating capability.

The Car Whiz is a simple DIY car ventilation installation, and can fit onto most vehicles with sliding glass windows that have curved or straight tops. The Car Whiz is good for cars with either clear or dark windows or window attached with a sun-film. There is no drilling or no nailing involved in installing a Car Whiz unit and is entirely safe. It is design to prevent water penetration during car washing and has a security sealing belt and vacuum suction cap for safety installation. The Car Whiz is also equipped with a movable remote array that can best access sunlight into the solar cells, ensuring an effective solar application. Car ventilation is the next generation of keeping your car cool throughout summer!


  • 1. Choose the window you want the Car Whiz mounted on. Partly open the window and hook the Car Whiz on the window with one end and insert it onto the window frame of the vertical glass edge.
  • 2. Insert the safety belt onto the other end of the Car Whiz to the length of about 2-3 cm. Hook the Car Whiz and belt assembly onto the glass and extend to the whole length of glass top.
  • 3. Cut off the additional length of the safety belt and shape it to end profile of the window frame. Fix the safety belt with the the supplied adhesive foam strips mounted on the top of the glass. Slowly close the window, until the top of car ventilation system’s safety belt slots into the upper frame of the window- be sure not to leave any gap at both ends.
  • 4. Connect the lead wire from Car Whiz through the sun-shield to the lead wire of solar panel with each terminal connector. Leave about 15–20 cm of wire before going through the supplied wire tie unit to give room for strain of the wire when the door is opened. Use the supplied wire ties to fit the lead wire on the top of the frame of the window. Hide the excess wire at the back of sun-shield.
  • 5. Attach the solar panel with the anti-slip pads on the back to your dashboard with the solar cells side facing the direction with the most optimum sun exposure. When the sunlight hits the solar panel, the fan will rotate in a clockwise direction and your installation is complete.

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