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LED Strip Lights & LED Rope Lights

LED lights have taken the world by storm because of their high-intensity, as well as longevity. It is said that LED lights have a life expectancy of around 50,000 hours. This long life expectancy makes these lights usable in virtually any application. Examples of applications for LED lights include room lighting, lighting up large areas, and street lighting. LED lights have also been made into specially designed variants such as LED strip lights and LED rope lights. These two forms are oftentimes used interchangeably. However, they are very much different from one another.

LED Rope Lights

An LED rope light makes use of LED bulbs that are linked to one another. The bulbs are then covered with a transparent PVC tubing to form their rope-like appearance. LED rope lights emit light in a circular fashion which means that every direction will see the same intensity of light. Due to this effect, LED rope lights are often used for outlining purposes. For the outdoors, these lights can be used to outline staircases, swimming pools, and walkways. Indoor applications include outlining edges of furniture, outlining ceilings, and for ambient lighting in dimly lit rooms. LED Strip Lights LED strip lights are similar to LED rope lights in the sense that the bulbs are linked to one another. However, strip lights do not have an all-around protective casing, like the rope lights. Instead, strip lights make use of a protective back panel and a transparent front panel. This results in high intensity light being emitted in only one direction. Aside from this, strip lights can be cut and reconnected unlike the rope lights. This gives them more versatility compared to the rope lights. The high intensity and single direction emission of strip lights make them usable for highlighting pieces or specific parts of a design. They could also be used for aesthetic purposes such as a decorative lighting fixture since people will generally see them even from a far distance.

Solar Light Whiz LED Strip Lights

Solar Light Whiz include LED strip lights in the range of solar lights that makes use of solar energy as its primary energy source. These solar powered strip lights have a wider range of applications than the usual strip lights because they do not require a nearby power source. This means that our solar powered LED strip lights can be placed in virtually any area as long as they can be connected to a solar panel exposed to solar light. If required the LED strip lights may also be powered by a battery or a 24 volt power supply at night. Our solar LED strip lights may be used for a wide range of applications including lighting corridors, dark stairwells, and work spaces.