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Cabin Ventilation & Mobile Home Ventilation

Looking for Solar Ventilation or Solar Cooling? Solar Whiz may be the most cost effective ventilation solution you need for:

  • Holiday parks
  • Mobile homes
  • Cabins
  • Portables
  • Relocatables
  • Containers

The Solar Whiz SW900 Cabin fan is a simple and effective way to ensure cabin ventilation and/or to cool and ventilate other smaller buildings, protecting against mould and musty smells whilst saving you money!

The Solar Whiz Cabin Fan effectively reduces the heat load on your cabin and helps you keep the temperature inside portables or mobile homes whilst keeping them fresh and dry.

Benefits of solar powered portable home and cabin ventilation

  • Increased comfort
  • Reduces heat load and temperature
  • Keeps portables, cabins, etc fresh and dry
  • Solar Powered/No running cost
  • Prevents or reduces mould and mustiness
  • Reduced maintenance and daily workload
  • No need for expensive and/or labour intensive dehumidifiers
  • Lower internal temperatures and reduced A/C usage
  • Optional night operation available!

Designed for Australian holiday park accommodation and relocatables

The SW900 is designed for Australian roofs and easily mounted on a tin or tile roof to reduce the heat load on your ceiling by removing hot air from your roof space or to extract warm and moist air from the interior.

Cabin Ventilation & Mobile Home Ventilation in Caravan Parks

The compact SW900 is designed for use in Caravan parks for ventilation of mobile homes, cabins and other smaller buildings, such as granny flats, portables and relocatables. Cabin ventilation is essential to keep these buildings fresh and free of musty smells.

Roof Vents for Cabins

If your cabin has a ceiling or roof space – the SW900 will have sufficient capacity to ventilate and cool your roof space and remove warm or stale air from the interior.

Portable or Mobile Home Ventilation

If your mobile home or portable building has a cathedral ceiling, the Solar Whiz can remove warm and stale air directly from the interior. Depending on which climate the cabin is located in – you may wish to install a close able vent underneath the Solar Whiz to avoid heat loss in winter when the cabin is occupied! However, in order to keep the cabin fresh at all other times – you should leave the vents open to ensure effective cabin ventilation.

If your self contained accommodation is equipped with air conditioning – the Solar Whiz Cabin fan will also save you money on your power bills – as the need for cooling will be reduced. Ventilation will also reduce the risk of the building becoming musty or developing mould.

Reduced maintenance and more returning customers for commercial operators

If you are a holiday park owner (or rent out your own cabin) installing a Solar Whiz SW 900, will:

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate the need for daily chores such as opening doors and windows
  • Secure the necessary ventilation to avoid to smells and dampness
  • Prevent “locked up” smells when unoccupied

Not to mention the potential loss of income from returning customers who may choose to look for alternative accommodation because of the discomfort caused by poor air quality or dampness.

Why not just install a Whirlybird?

The average good quality whirlybird moves, according to studies, about 100m³. In order to keep the roof space temperatures close to the outside ambient temperature you will require 3-4 air changes an hour – and to compensate for resistance for the cooler replacement air entering the roof space as the hot air is removed – a significant airflow capacity is required. As a rule of thumb, Solar Whiz recommends a minimum capacity of 700 m³/h (SW 900) for a 100m² standard pitched roof for effective cabin ventilation. This is equivalent to approx. 7 whirly birds! However, the Solar Whiz only requires 1 roof penetration!

In short the SW900 is a powerful and cost effective solar ventilation and cooling whirlybird alternative for small buildings, giving you the air flow capacity you need to beat the heat and prevent mould and mildew through effective cabin ventilation!

Ventilation of portables/demountanbles

As many of us are aware – according to Wikipedia, occupants health and longevity is a major issue for portables or demountables – as they often are referred to in Australia. Here Wikipedia states:

“Portable classrooms are frequently criticized for presenting mold, moisture, comfort and unhealthy environment issues. However, when portable classrooms are properly set up and operated, experience has shown that they can present a very long useful life, low maintenance, and healthy, comfortable environments for all occupants”. The same Wikipedia post goes to offer some advice for how to reduce moisture loads to prevent mould and mildew issues through ventilation of portables in hot and humid climates.