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Residential Roof Ventilation & Exhaust Fans

Why Install Solar Whiz Residential Roof Ventilation?

Roofs can often reach temperatures of 60°C – 70°C in summer, creating a real challenge when it comes to keeping your home comfortable without spending a fortune on cooling. Ceiling insulation goes a long way to help keep your building stay cool, however, when temperatures soar you need a system that actively pumps the hot air out of your roof cavity, replacing it with fresh air from the outside.

We all know that hot air rises, but it also expands – in all directions. If you have vents in your roof space they will let warm air out. However vents only work when the roof space is already warm – and the expanding air starts radiating into your home. Solar Whiz starts when the sun shines on the roof – and therefore prevents the heat from building up.
Installing a roof ventilation system is an effective method of reducing the temperature of your roof cavity, keeping your home more comfortable and reducing cooling costs.

If you use a ducted cooling system (A/C or Evaporative Cooling) you will notice a significant improvement in efficiency as you dramatically reduce the heat gain in the ducting throughout the roof.

The Solar Whiz – More effective than 20 Whirly-Bird roof ventilators

The Solar Whiz is like a super-charged WhirlyBird. The solar panel powers a fan that actively pumps hot air out of your roof up to 21 times faster than a traditional Whirly-Bird. The Solar Whiz can significantly reduce your cooling costs by using solar power to actively pump the hot air out of your ceiling, replacing it with cooler air. Amazingly simple and incredibly effective. Don’t spend another summer without it!

Models Available: SW-RAF700 (SW900), SW-RAF900, SW-RAF1400, SW2100. Industrial Exhaust Fans and Ventilation units Alternatives also available. Please inquire)