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Solar Whiz Accessories & Options

A wide range of Solar Whiz accessories and options are available to compliment and enhance your Solar Whiz installation.

We provide a wide range of Solar Whiz accessories for all Solar Whiz units so that you can customise your solution. Whether you’re installing a Solar Whiz unit commercially or for your home, you can use our roof ventilation products to maximise the efficiency of your home.

  • Eave Vents- to ensure sufficient air flow into your roof space
  • Ceiling Vents- Allows you to extract hot air directly out of your desired room
  • Thermostat Control- Prevents heat loss from your house and/or roof space in winter/cooler monthsview our price list
  • Day/Night Pack- Allows your Solar Whiz unit to continue running after sunset or in overcast conditions
  • Roof Cowls- A handy replacement for those who do not have eaves
  • Gable Vents- An option for those with a gable roof or for sub-floor ventilation installations
  • And More!

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