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Sub Floor Ventilation Fans for Effective Underfloor Ventilation

Effective ventilation of the underfloor area is essential to the health and longevity of any building with a sub floor area. Constant high moisture levels may cause irreversible damage to the structure of the house – as well as high humidity and poor indoor air quality severely impacting of the health of occupants – and can be prevented by installing sub floor fans for effective sub floor ventilation.

Condensation is normally a strong indicator of high humidity levels in your home and will often enable mould to develop. This is not only unsightly – it also poses a health risk – as it is the major trigger for asthma attacks. High humidity levels inside your home increases the risk of developing asthma and allergies as well as other respiratory problems such as excessive coughing, wheezing, higher susceptibility to developing colds, sore throat, as well as nasal and sinus infections. For many people (especially younger and older) high humidity may also result in skin and eye irritation, joint pains and headaches.

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Sub floor Ventilation – The Best Place To Start

Sub floor ventilation using extraction fans is often the best place to start addressing the above issues, however it may not always be the complete answer to your damp floor issues – and of course if you don’t have a sub floor – alternative methods for addressing damp floor issues may be required to improve the indoor air quality. Interested in addressing condensation and other humidity issues directly inside the house?

Damage caused by poor ventilation in sub-floor areas

High humidity levels under the house will result in a damp sub/underfloor causing mould and other fungi, rotting floor boards and stumps, mustiness, odours and musty smells. Moisture can make its way into the house causing serious damage to your internal walls and painted surfaces. In the worst case scenario major damage such as crumbling of the brick walls of your house may occur. Major damage is also likely in the sub floor areas due to the moist conditions creating ideal breeding grounds for termites, white ants and wood borers.<br

Prevention of damp sub-floors with sub-floor ventilation

To prevent the above damages caused by poor ventilation in the sub-floor area an installation of a Solar Whiz Sub-Floor Fan unit or Inline Fan will combat these problems by extracting the air from the sub-floor and replacing it with fresh ambient area keeping it fresh and dry.

The Solar Whiz Sub-Floor Fans or Extractor Fans products ensure an efficient, cost effective and sustainable sub floor ventilation solution without any running cost whatsoever. However, the main benefit of ventilating sub floors using solar powered fans is the fact that the fan only runs when the sun is out, meaning that by and large the replacement air coming into the sub-floor will have a relatively low moisture content, making solar sub-floor ventilation far more effective than timer operated extractor fans – which may increase humidity under the floor by introducing air with high moisture content during wet weather.

You may also be surprised by the fact that the Solar Whiz sub floor fans – although solar powered – generally are more powerful and offer higher air displacement capacity than mains powered extractor fans. If solar access is limited – it is possible to power the Solar Whiz extraction fans using a 12 volt power pack plugged into a 240 volt power point.

Using a Solar Whiz sub-floor fan to ventilate an under floor area can prevent/resolve the following issues:

  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Condensation
  • Rotting Floor Boards and/or Stumps
  • Damage to Internal Walls & Paintwork
  • Crumbling Brickwork
  • Breeding Ground for Termites, White Ants & Borers

Solar Sub Floor Fans Benefits

Solar powered extractor fans offer a couple of obvious advantages over the traditional mains powered and timer operated systems when installing under floor ventilation fans for sub-floor ventilation:

  • The systems only operate during sunny conditions – ensuring that the replacement air generally is quite dry and therefore contributes to keeping the sub floor dry
  • Solar powered under floor ventilation fans fans cost nothing to operate

  Global Eco & Environmental Solutions offers a variety of Solar Powered sub floor and underfloor ventilation options:

  • SAM– Solar Air Module – Introduces fresh warm dry air into the sub floor area
  • Where less space is available – in the sub floor area GES offers a series of Inline fans