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Mechanically Vented Skylights – Ventilated Skylights

Mechanically ventilated skylights are nothing new – but have you heard about Solar Skylights that can help you ventilate your home?

Our 240mm Solar Light Whiz solar skylight can be supplied mounted in a donut system to allow for mechanical ventilation – similar to a traditional vented skylight, but with all the advantages of the contemporary Solar Skylights.

Yes, you can now have solar ventilated skylights!

The main advantage of Mechanically Vented Skylights is that there are less fittings on the ceiling, in small bathrooms the ceiling can get rather busy by the time you include a skylight, exhaust fan and normal light fitting.

By integrating a fan system with the solar light fitting you only need one ceiling fitting! Furthermore using standard ducting instead of a traditional skylight shaft makes the installation cheaper and more flexible than traditional mechanically vented skylights. The donut has either a 150mm outlet to connect to an inline fan or a 200mm outlet to allow connection to the SW900 Solar Whiz.

There is also no grille to get covered in grime, only a narrow opening that is easily wiped clean.

Vented skylights are often used in Bathrooms and ensuites, but mechanically ventilated skylights may also be useful in many other cases.

The purpose of mechanically vented skylights is to supply both light and ventilation. Modern Solar LED Skylights integrating mechanically vented skylights are therefore ideal for reducing the build up of heat and moisture in your home or work environment – particularly in wet areas!

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